Manoj Chapagain

I smell bullshit

February 05, 2018

Bullshit is everywhere. Politicians and motivational speakers have mastered the art. Ads, marketing and PR are its recognized regiment. Even, journalism has changed these days. When you read (daily paper) news, online news, are you reading facts or propaganda? Mediocrity and venality are seemingly infecting it. Social network floods with ton loads of shit posts and clickjacks; news portal full of sponsored news. Reality is becoming opaque concept as bullshiting is plaguing every aspect of life.

Politicians are the master of lies.

A few months ago, I read horoscope. It said, “Not knowing what to do is not always a problem - sometimes it’s just a state of being.” Its attempt to convince me immensely succeed. One can easily be moved by these statements. It just echoed the reason I read the horoscope in the first place. Talented fortune telling and cold psychic reading people have a large group of followers. Only sceptical mind measures the odds. But, when our older generation opts to believe these and I can’t tell them not to do. Bullshit is what you choose it to be.

What makes bullshit bullshit is an unnecessary or unjustified use of language in a particular case which may not be well understood outside that context. I may carry pseudo-science and metaphysics and witch hunt of over academics. An empty vessel makes the most noise. Wanting desperately to sound like smart, they meander and babble tons of jargon. Here is a ‘new age bullshit generator’ that generates pseudo-profound statements based on tweets of a motivational speaker and author.

People brain-wash with jargon.

Yet why we can’t cancel the noise, what is stopping from dismissing the bullshit? There is a common manifestation of the inability to measure it. What ‘the curtains are blue’ referencing?. There is no wrong answer to a subjective and abstract argument. It increases in opportunities and obligation for people to speak their mind, even it lacks the strong ‘apprehension of reality’. Increased level of bullshiting can be profitable. So, rather than too much bullshit, measured and methodical bullshiting can increase one’s payout. I am amazed at how it a necessary evil for business person and entrepreneurs, ‘fake until you make it’. For them it is a superpower, it is the ability to suspend disbelief. Bullshiting is a great way to buy the time and resources for the right idea to show up. Hence, in conclusion, bullshiting can be post-realization of the truth, for the truth-seekers. To exploit the change one should not be afraid to cross the valley of adaptive bullshit to climb the mountain of truth.

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